Helmed by the former head chef of MACA, we just had to try the Duck Confit with Waffles ($36++) at Cheek by Jowl as this was one of the signature dishes of the chef when he was at MACA. Done with an Asian touch, the Duck Confit here features Five Spice Caramel, a sticky sauce which carries a strong Asian-influenced flavour the moment you send it in your mouth before a sweet flavour follows afterwards; pretty quirky sounding but strangely works with the savoury duck meat. Waffles were also of commendable quality; fluffy waffles that are plush with buttermilk fragrance and a little sugary sweetness enveloped within — achieving almost perfection that you should eat with a little bit of greens, a chunk of duck meat and five spice caramel on the top. Even the greens are delicious, pretty much reminding me of the salad mix that is prevalent in Vietnamese cuisine often found in Banh Mi. So good, it actually warrants a return visit on its own!