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As we entered the store, the smell of truffle oil and the smokiness of blow-torched meat hung in the air.

Ordered a large signature truffle wagyu-don at $25.90. The portion size was large, with a generous serving of marinated beef slices and an onsen egg on top. It looked and smelt so promising. However, upon first bite, the distinct bitterness that comes with a poor quality truffle oil immediately presented itself on the palate and it lasted throughout the meal. The meat was nicely seasoned and sufficiently tender. Of course, at this price point, one should not expect melt-in-your-mouth Japanese wagyu. Rakki probably uses the off-cuts of Australian wagyu or something comparable.

We dined with burpple beyond's 1-for-1 voucher and that made this meal pretty worth it. However, I wouldn't pay the full price for this dish.