DSTLLRY is definitely not what you would consider a traditional Japanese restaurant, but don't underestimate the quality of their food. In particular, their lunchtime dons (rice bowls) seem to be irresistible. The chunks of plump and fresh salmon, maguro and hamachi are tossed in a special mix of mirin, dashi and soy sauce, making their Barachirashi Don ($16.90), quite simply, to-die-for. What's unique is that you can opt not only for a salad instead of rice for your Barachirashi, but also a Barachirashi Spicy Ramen, if you're not a chirashi purist, that is. The only catch? This dark, sexy bar and art gallery is kinda hidden in the depths of Portsdown, so please keep this chirashi in mind should you be in the area during lunch!