I’ve always wanted to try Cassia JKT’s canelés, so knowing that Fahrenheit Coffee carries them now meant I was gonna spend a fortune there 🥲 We tried their Kaya, Coffee Butter, and Coffee canelés, and we found none particularly worth mentioning. I’m a big fan of kaya so I really wanted to like that one, but while the flavour was very promising the texture was completely like kueh. I’d even compare it to ambon lol I swear the texture is that similar. This dense, kueh-like underdone texture’s a lot more evident in the Cookie Butter canelé, with the centre completely congealed into a solid custard. I also couldn’t really taste much coffee or cookie butter in the other 2 flavours, and together with the slightly subpar texture we found these completely lacklustre. I noticed Fahrenheit also microwaves these to serve, and that caused the crusts to become a lot soggier; perhaps heating it up in a toaster would be better.