Eating at Asia Western Food is a nostalgia trip from anyone born before the 00s, as the food is straight out of the past. For the RIDICULOUSLY low price of FOUR DOLLARS, yes that’s right, a pair of two dollar notes, you get the classic Hainanese Western rendition of fish and chips.⠀

It’s the quintessential fish & chips that has been tweaked for Singaporeans, from the slightly too thick but decently airy batter to the simply seasoned but firm, flaky fish encased in the batter. There isn’t much to say about this dish, but the taste & textures awaken blissful memories long buried, and that in itself is an experience to savour.⠀

That’s why Singapore’s hawker heritage is more than just great flavours & perfect cooking techniques, our hawker heritage is also about bringing back memories of the good old days. And that is something that can never be quantified adequately.