Maybe the cold I've caught has affected my sense of taste or something, but this really wasn't very good. And the bibimbap the man ordered was served lukewarm despite the whole "hot stone" concept they're selling. Even the stone bowl was not hot..

So back to my chicken. The chicken itself was dry and tough, way overcooked. And I'm still weirded out by how pink it was? The rice inside was moist but lacking flavour. Wasn't a lot of rice either. Chicken though, was huge. If this were any ordinary soup, I would've said it's not bad, average maybe? But this is samgyetang. And when I order samgyetang, I expect to taste ginseng. So where the hell was my ginseng???

Verdict: At $24 a bowl (or was it $26?), it's way overpriced for such quality, or the lack thereof. I probably wouldn't return :\

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