Set eligible for Burpple 1-for-1
Ordered a Mentaiyaki Kaisendon & Unagi Don set
($38.49 after GST and service charge)
Set includes:
-Mentaiyaki Kaisendon
-Unagi Don
-2 x Salad
-2 x Hot/Iced Tea
-2 x Miso Soup
-4 x Chicken Yakitori sticks

3.5⭐️ Mentaiyaki Kaisendon
Alot of meat which I can find in the bowl like prawn, raw salmon, raw tuna, mock abalone (Dont know if there is scallops in it). The bowl is covered with charred mentaiko sauce which is too over-powering on the last few bites. It is quite worth it for the portion given.

3.5⭐️ Unagi Don
Taste of unagi was all right but the portion is a little small. The bowl includes a slice of tamago, onsen egg and some seaweed. But for the given price, I would prefer to order their diced sashimi bowl.

4⭐️ Yakitori
Kind of love the bite to the yakitori. Soft and tender like a satay and is well-coated with the given sauce.

Miso Soup
Quite flavourful. Contains seaweed, tofu, radish and mushrooms.

Lettuce, Cherry tomato in sesame sauce

Overall, the set meal has quite a number of contrast dishes and is very filling. But if without Burpple 1-for-1, around $38 for one set is quite pricey.

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