For fuss-free and convenient meatless meals, turn to this Asian-fusion eating chain, which has locations peppered across Singapore. Their noodle bowls — try the nourishing Angelica Herbal Noodles ($7.90) on rainy days — and Customised Bento ($7.90), with options like sambal konnyaku sweet and sour soy nuggets for mains, are great for solo meals. If you are dining with a friend, consider ordering their Mushroom Bowl Set for 2 ($35.90). Select your choice of laksa, tom yum or herbal soup for the broth base, in which you cook a hearty selection of various mushrooms and vegetables.The set includes two bowls of rice — Burppler Raine Liu recommends the sesame rice — and two cups of tea. While it is portioned for two, the hearty set can actually be shared among three modest appetites. Pro tip: Greendot currently has 10 outlets across Singapore. Visit their website for the full list of locations.
Avg Price: $15 per person
Photo by Burppler Raine Liu