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Brewed with Highland Qingker Barley and black and caramel malts, Black Yak has supple coffee bean and dark chocolate overtones. Open a bottle and let the Yak out.
This specific beer is dedicated to the Tibetan black yak,
strong and robust like a furious Tibetan yak bull. Brewed
with highland barley, black and caramel malts with a hint of
dark chocolate and roasted coffee beans, it captures the
essences that characterize Tibetan culture: strong,
energetic, and unique.

Story: Before King Gesar became king, the yaks on the
Tibetan plateaus were very savage. Tibetan people were
afraid, and avoided the yaks at all costs. Legend has it that
there was a huge black yak named Lon, who was a cattle
devil that ate humans and controlled all the yaks. When
Gesar became king, he rode north with army and used his
sword to slay the beast. After the death of Lon, all yaks
were restored to their previous amiable nature and have
lived together in peace with the Tibetan people ever since.
Black Yak represents Tibetan people who are strong and
steadfast in harsh environments, but are also kind and open-minded.
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