Chicken nanban? Well, not round these parts. These are @beerbasketkatong Buttermilk Fried Chicken Bites, which go for twelve bucks before the tax & service charge kick in. Yes, they look exactly like chicken nanban, but they are slightly different. The mayonnaise at the bottom does not contain bits of hardboiled egg, but instead features chopped jalapeños for a subtle sour & spicy flair to the otherwise bland mayo.⠀

The little bird bites are plenty piquant on their own. Chicken thigh is the juiciest part of the bird, and the bird that day was a juicy one. The buttermilk that they’ve been marinated in helps to enhance the tenderness by breaking down any tough fibres, and forms the base coat on which the batter adheres to. The layer of buttermilk marinade traps the juices & moisture within the batter, maximising the juicy factor. They are a little under-seasoned when going solo, but the creamy, slightly spicy & zesty mayo adds an alluring new dimension to the flavours of this piquant plate of ascended pub grub.⠀

The spicy chicken drumlets ($11++) are more sticky than spicy, but they are definitely delightfully delicious. Sure, they’re diminutive, but these petite flavour care packages are positively perfect beer bites. Juicy, salty, slightly sweet & spicy, these can and will easily drum up lots of cash for Beer Basket. Yes, some of that cash in the register is undoubtedly mine.⠀⠀

Mucho gracias for the hospitality, @beerbasketkatong & @burpple!