Makers of healthy/vegan ice cream are facing a tough competitor as Trü Birch steps into the arena with their products made using Birch sap (the new super juice obtained from Birch trees) and kilk protein (a patented milk formula that's stated to have the same nutritional benefits of a mother’s milk). It contains antioxidants along with other minerals and trace elements like xylitol, and I can definitely see why they may be an edge over other vegan ice creams made using coconut milk and coconut water (which can be high in saturated fat and fructose).

As this was purchased from their booth at the Prudential Marina Bay Carnival, a double scoop (salted caramel & strawberry) and a serving of soft serve (choco vanilla twist) on a charcoal cone costs just $6.50. Their ice cream has a very unique taste and texture which is unlike any sticky gelato, creamy ice cream and icy sorbet. It was also interesting to note that they were able to retain the expected taste profile of their flavour (i.e. a salted caramel should taste both sweet & salty) while being only mildly sweet. This also applies to their soft serve, except that they were milkier and hence melted faster.

The only thing I didn't like was their cone as it become soggy and literally disintegrated upon absorbing the liquid of the melted ice creams. Thereafter, it started dripping rapidly from the bottom end as the cone wasn't properly formed/rolled.

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