I thought that Chic-a-boo was just another fast food place but boy was I wrong. The food is legit and the prices are reasonable. This meal with a good-sized fried chicken, battered fish, two sides of your choice, corn muffin and a drink was $7.90. You also get proper plates and metal cutlery when you dine in, really ~fancy~. I heard KFC used to be like this way back when.

I love it when you can choose your own side dishes, and there's so many options! The corn muffin is crisp outside and moist on the inside, and I could taste a bit of apple sauce. The fish is coated in batter that tastes similar to Long John Silver's but the size is much bigger and meatier than the ones at LJS. Not forgetting the well seasoned, perfectly fried piece of spicy chicken. A meal well worth the money.

A week later I went to the outlet at Sembawang shopping centre but the place and service was a hot mess. I definitely recommend the Marina Square outlet which is more spacious and clean.

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