$8 for 20??? 中
We tabao (takeaway) the frozen one $10 for 30 without fail, every time we visit.

We unanimously agreed that this is our favourite Chinese Stall, and thats quite something for a family with a Chinese taste bud!

We look forward to having Chinese food, cooked by PRC Chinese whenever we visit our gramps at Yishun! Usually the stores wooden tables would be filled with boisterous Chinese families enjoying their dishes with drinks... thats when you know its good right!! Seems like they do mass orders too, as seen from their massive spread and huge generous scoops 中 man I drool just looking from afar...

Pictured here (on Insta @ThamEats) are a few of our top hits:
1. Fried Large Intestines [$16]
- really a rare find in Singapore, so it stays at the top of our list even though its quite pricey
2. Fried Dumplings [20 pieces for $8 中]
- huge chunk of well marinated meat in thin crisp skin, I cant ask for anything more HAHA oh but ya cause its deep fried, the meet inside doesnt retain much juice. Ild have it with their chilli oil over ginger and vinegar for the perfect pairing)
3. Twice cooked pork [$12 alarcarte, $5 if ordered with rice as a meal]

Unpictured but really recommend:
1. Beef Noodle Soup [$5?]
- Broth is real sick, thick, deep you gotta try for yourself, noodles is Super Q, we usually request to separate them when we takeaway
2. Steamed Dumpling
- we tried this before trying the deep fried one, has thicker skin than the deep fried one, its the thick Chinese dumpling, but with awesome soup in the dumplings. These are different from your korean dumplings/mandu
3. Mapo Tofu [$8 alarcarte, $5 with rice]
- tbh feel like the alarcarte is overpriced, but its good haha the marination is executed to perfection, they cook it to how I imagine perfect mapo tofu to be. Smooth cubes doused in sour sauce with a spice kick at the end. Perfect pairing with rice
4. Shredded potatoes with rice [$5]
- wouldnt get this alarcarte [$8] though its an option, I appreciate the attention to ingredient in the dish! Fresh sliced garlic, stir fried with the mala peppercorn, dried chilli , spring onion topped unto the shredded potatoes... glorious carbs

Erm special mention to their rice and chilli oil :-) rice is very nicely cooked, each grain separated from another, but firm enough for a substantial bite. Chilli oil, Ive been loving chilli oil.