Ordered Delivery from food anatomy using GrabFood.
Heard about the food a lot and it’s really living up to the reviews.
Brown rice was nice and flavourful, and went great with the toppings.
Almonds were nice and crunchy, and accompanied the rice, duck and prawns well.
Duck 9/10, tasted like your normal smoked duck but it had a great pepper crust which balanced out the greasiness
Prawns 9/10, were frozen prawns, but there was a nice tinge if spice with a garlic taste. Went great with the honey mustard sauce
Rest of the vegetables were average, such as the tomato and pineapple.
The roast vegetables are my only complaint because they were cold. While I understand the ingredients are supposed to be cold, I would have preferred a warmer serving of zucchini and potatoes.
Overall, great value for money and great taste!

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