Visited Half Pound Burger Bar & Grill for a Burpple Tastemaker Eatup yesterday and managed to try quite a couple of their dishes such as the Salt & Pepper Squid, Xalala Pepper (sauté green chili with salt and pepper) and a couple of burgers. Some of the menu items here come with a rather interesting take on local-western fusion — items such as the Malaysia Boleh was a re-iteration of the Ramly Burger with familiar elements like the beef patty that is wrapped with egg, chili sauce as well as green lettuce, cabbage, cheddar cheese, tomato, red onion ring, pineapple, mayonnaise and others. Yet another item that comes with local touch would be the Laksa Spaghetti — carried a pretty evident aroma and flavour of Laksa and almost like a dry version done considerably well, coming with prawns as well. Those who prefer something more conventional can opt for the Pork Burger, Half Pound Burger (220g beef patty with bacon, cheese, tomato, onion ring, green lettuce and truffle fries on the side) or the Gourmet Burger which comes with a beef patty that comes with Foie Gras within — all burgers come with their signature Butter Sauce; artery-clogging sinfulness that I can't resist dipping then buns, vegetables and fries in. There are also two dessert options available — the Sticky Date Pudding and Chocolate Molten Lava Cake. Not a bad spot for those looking for a watering hole with mains being served on the menu — Half Pound Burger Bar and Grill also serves quite a decent variety of alcoholic drinks that would go along well with the sides they have on the menu.

Thanks to Half Pound Burger Bar & Grill for hosting, and Burpple for the invite!