Clockwise from top left:
1️⃣Jjampong — classic seafood mildly spicy; only level 1 — devoured by a 11yo 👧🏻
2️⃣Il-pong — written on the menu as “Japanese broth” — what I tasted — charred clear soup, a lil on the salty side with succulent taste of seafood
3️⃣Ttae pong — a lil like japchae but with greater intensity of dark soy sauce without the strong sesame oil taste
4️⃣(forgot the title) But it’s like aglio olio without olive oil, with the diced garlic bits & a douse of white (?) wine & chilli padi 🌶
⏭5️⃣ Pizza — thin crust with garlic x butter/margarine (?) spread with a serving of a giant squirt/dollop of whipped cream (!) #tryittobelieveit