Buffet Lunch - RM$92.45
Serawa Durian Served with Glutinous Rice
It’s Malaysia highest restaurant, at 282m above ground, it’s also a revolving restaurant! Located at KL Tower, the buffet lunch is slight pricey but you get to view the whole of KL under you eyes as you dine! The place offers modern authentic Malaysian & international cuisines. The dessert was what caught my attention. Warm durian purée, of which every spoon is smooth and you could chew into some of the durian bits, reminding you it’s the real deal. Dipping a couple glutinous rice into the purée and let it soak as you eat it bits by bits, it’s so shiok. That alone with the million dollar view it’s already worth the price. The night view would be much nice but take note the ticket price will double
Atmosphere 360

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