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Good Bites which is just opened recently, serve delicious food 🀀, very healthy and yummy, even kids also can eat and it's a good place to chill for a good weekend brunch. πŸ€—β €
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If you love cafe hopping, keto diet (the in thing now), kids friendly meal places without hurting your pocket, 𝒀𝑢𝑼 𝑺𝑯𝑢𝑼𝑳𝑫 check this out.

Read www.missyqiqi.com for more review and pricing!
Honestly there are so many yummy dishes to try, and with my limited space tummy for my growing baby girl, I could only try a few. So sad.. . πŸ™ Check out my blog missyqiqi(dot)com, and see what I ate! β €
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