The cafe was quite out of the way, but if you’re walking from Changi Airport, there are many signs along the way to signal to you where to go. I just followed the signs and I didn’t even need to use Google Maps. I ordered the Aglio Olio with Prawn [$13.90], the Big Breakfast [$15.90], Truffle Fries (Regular) [$7.90], Passion Fruit Green Tea [$3.90] and Peachy Peach Black Tea [$3.90].

Aglio Olio initially didn’t have my hopes up because of how thick the pasta looked, but it surprised me with its flavour. It was very garlicky and had enough oil, which I generally appreciate in my Aglio Olio. Pasta was also al dente, and dish tasted like prawns, which I liked. :D There were four prawns, but they were bigger than average and nice and crunchy! Was quite satisfied!

The pasta was my favourite... The other dishes were a lot more disappointing. I wouldn’t recommend the Big Breakfast—it was very bland, from the scrambled eggs to even the sausage, and it didn’t match the picture in the menu. :( The truffle fries smelt very strongly of truffle oil, but tasted like regular fries, and the portion wasn’t very big for the price (think an amount less than that of P.S. Cafe’s, which charges $8 for half a portion of truffle fries).

Both drinks were good, and live up exactly to their name. For the Passion Fruit Green Tea, they were very generous with the passion fruit. I got 25% sugar level for both and it was great. Note that the Passion Fruit Green Tea is slightly more sour though.

That being said, the cafe does have rather nice decor and the pasta was delicious, so I’ll definitely come back for the pasta. Another plus point is that the prices are net, though it’s self-collection (they hand you a buzzer). Staff are generally friendly and helpful. I had a pretty pleasant experience.