It has been a while since our last visit made to AMK Hub — was pretty surprised to find that there had been some switch-up in some of the F&B tenants within the mall considering how the F&B mix of the mall had been pretty consistent in the mall in the past couple of years. Taking over the former premises of the now-defunct outlet of Yenly Yours at AMK Hub is a new concept by the Tung Lok group named Home Fiesta by Tung Lok 同樂家宴; yes , the same Tung Lok Group which also runs other F&B brands such as Dancing Grab, Lao Beijing, TungLok Heen, TungLok Tea House, Slappy Cakes etc. — just to name a few. Home Fiesta by Tung Lok does seem like an attempt by the Tung Lok Group to run a quick service diner; the set-up being rather informal considering how the space is pretty much a kiosk with dine-in seating located beside the aisles of the basement in a shopping mall — the interior being decked rather simply with the use of stools and dining tables that seemed more functional for their dine-in furniture. One can also observe that red seems to be the colour theme adopted for the space; the colour being used on the fittings that are installed within the interior. Interestingly, there is some use of technology where there are two tables featuring a touchscreen on the surface where one can make their order by swiping around the surface — something which we had not quite seen before at other establishments. The menu at Home Fiesta by Tung Lok largely revolves around Dim Sum items and Mains, with the focus on the Mains being more on dishes involving the use of braised pork, as well as Herbal Chicken Soup, Prawn Dumpling Noodle Collagen Soup, as well as Map Minced Pork Tofu Rice. Dessert options are strictly limited to the Sesame Cream, while beverages served up at Home Fiesta by Tung Lok mostly revolves around hot tea and canned drinks.

One thing which we had been wanting to try ever since walking by Home Fiesta by Tung Lok quite some time ago before eventually making our visit there was the Pork Shank Served with Rice and Egg — the illustration of the item on the menu being pretty enticing to say the least. Considering the quick service nature of the establishment, it is noted that Home Fiesta by Tung Lok serves up all orders be it for dine-in or for takeaway in disposable ware. The name of the dish is pretty self-explanatory here; the Pork Shank Served with Rice and Egg common with braised pork shank and a braised egg that sits atop a bed of rice. Digging into the Pork Shank Served with Rice and Egg, we found that the braised pork shank was indeed the star of the show here — the pork shank having absorbed all of the flavours of the braising liquid for a savoury and sweet note. We really liked how the pork skin for the pork shank came all gelatinous and melt-in-the-mouth as well; all that while the meat remains lean without being dry nor tough. There was also sufficient braising liquid that was drenched atop the bed of rice that gave the rice sufficient flavour and moisture — makes its especially easy to eat as well. Meanwhile, the braised egg itself was nothing much to shout about — one that featured a fully done egg yolk. Truth to be told, our experience at Home Fiesta at Tung Lok does seem to suggest that these folks are stronger in their offerings of Mains than compared to their Dim Sun offerings — the other item from the Mains section of the menu was the Prawn Dumpling Noodle Collagen Soup which came with a really rich soup and Chinese La Mian done to the right texture; the dumplings also being sufficiently plump as well. In retrospect, the Dim Sum offerings — in particularly the fried ones, were uninspiring. Those were seemingly fried and left in the display case for a long period of time; the Mini Barbecued Pork Bun faring a little better in terms of the flavour and quality but just wasn’t served warm enough. Prices of the Mains range from $8.80 to $13.70 — not exactly wallet-friendly for an everyday option, but still of a decent price; probably worth considering as a dining option solely for the mains if one were to be in the area.