Having been around for 40 years at the exact same location, the one-of-a kind fish and chips served here holds both a nostalgia for my not-so-happy childhood days, as well as beautiful memories in the recent years. This plate of happiness was my go-to dish whenever I felt shitty about myself after getting bullied at primary school, or the constant fear of getting punished or caned by an abusive tutor. I would make a call home using the payphone, and demand that my parents either buy a box of fish and chips back, or meet me at the hawker centre after class just to forget about the bad day I had.

The fish and chips here is unique because of its special tomato-based, sweet, and peppery sauce, which most of their dishes are drenched with. I never fail to tell the uncle "多一点汁 hor" (more sauce, please), and he would generously splash a few more scoops. Even though the batter of the fish might be inconsistent at times, the meat inside is always fresh and soft. I also like the thick-cut, unsalted crinkle fries, baked beans, and coleslaw that come with every dish. Here's how I finish off this dish: wipe the plate clean with the crispy end of the fish to ensure there's no sauce left.

Even after having moved out of Clementi for 16 years, I still crave for this fish and chips that still tastes the same, and will drop by occasionally to get my fix. I used to eat it with someone special who is no longer around almost every weekend. Bitter or sweet, this dish has been through it all with me. One thing is for sure — this 4.5-munchie will always be a special dish to me. #hawkerpedia

Tanglin Halt Western Food, #01-11