Crazy good!!

Was a huge steal with Burpple Beyond. Went there with the SO and this place just consistently does all flavors, novels and classics alike, so well.

We tried these:
Parmesan Cheese with Cream Cracker - amazing savoury mix that allows the cheese to shine through without being overwhelming
Hojicha - rich and good roasted tea flavours
Granny’s Favourites - malty, chocolatey goodness
Chocolate stout - stout was pretty strong, which is the way i like it!
Butter pecan - so rich!!! both the SO’s and my fave this visit. The generosity with the pecans was also surprising.
CNY seasonal, pineapple tart - a good blend of flavors actually! The tart crust was actually really rich, slightly savoury and added to the pineapple sorbet-ish texture. Just that I’m personally not a huge fan of the pineapple as fruit so it got a little too strong for me in large amounts.

Also appreciate the kind staff who didn’t rush us when we lingered trying to pick flavours 😹😹😹 Gonna be coming back for more! :)

Total damage: 60
1-1 Waffles+1scoop = 10
Medium cup (2 flavors) = 5
3 tubs (2 flavours per tub) = 45