usual price $5
$3.75 after discount from a shopee voucher & coins ๐Ÿคฃ(can check fr 50cents off!!)
second time visiting, went to funan the previous time and i am rllllly disappointed this time. we got both the same thing but w diff sauces, i got black pepper and my mum got d thousand island. from the pic the sauce can be seen.... v small portion and i finished the sauce in one bite. one side of my bread was also slightly burnt but wasnt like black charred kind :') i dont think i wld return but my first impression was better... mightve just been me being rly hungry tho HAHAHA chicken was decent, not super juicy or crispy either. but wasnt hard soooo

cant justify it to b $5 :( even $3.75 is a lillll overpriced imo but then again, its cafe food. would suggest giving it a try tho!