Red Tomyum soup with seafood ($10.50), Chicken in Green Curry served with Hom Mali rice ($ 11.90) and Thai Fishcake (tod man pla) ($10.90). The tomyum soup is decadent, rich lightly spiced with fish slice , prawns and a gentle reminder as to why I fell for thai food in the 1st place. The green curry is one of the thickest and richest I have ever tried and the juicy chicken chunks inside complement the coconut gravy perfectly.However, both of these dishes are served in standard rice bowl sizes which I feel is too small in terms of portion and money paid. The thai fishcake is served piping hot and comes with a sweet chilli dipping sauce. However, I would give this appetiser a miss as there is nothing spectacular about the taste i.e taste like fried otah fishcake.