So as you would have known Yong Huat didn’t close down on 31 August as planned. They’ve found an apprentice to take over the wok while auntie is there to supervise. Uncle will be back once he recovers from his surgery.

They do three items here - fried mee sua ($5/7/9), fried Hokkien mee ($5/7/9) and char kway teow ($5/7/9). I’ve tried their char kway teow and so I went for their legendary fried mee sua.

The fried mee sua is fried with some eggs and served with a good amount of prawns, fish cake, pork belly and chye sim (choy sum).

After waiting for nearly an hour, I was excited to tuck into the dish (after the camera has eaten). But I was slightly disappointed by the taste of this dish. It lacked the wok hei (smoky) flavour which I very much enjoy in my fried rice and noodles dishes. Maybe because there’s a long wait. Flavour wise, it tasted a bit bland for my liking as there wasn’t much seasoning in it. Add some sambal for good measure.

It’s nice that there’s fried lard bits on the side but I wished it was slightly greasier (a bit too healthy). Overall, it was decent but not worth the long wait.

But we gotta give the new guy time to hone up his skills and master the art of frying. It’s not something that happens overnight but I believe it’ll be Terryfic 👍🏻 in time to come.