A perfect snack for any time of the day, we have hands-down one of the best Chwee Kueh available in Singapore. (3 pieces for S$1.50)

The first taste of the soft and supple rice cake brings forth the mild and subtle fragrance of rice. Only through tireless experimentation can such texture be created; A fine balance of rice flour and water mixture ratios. Tender and simple, it lays the foundation to balance the strong flavours of the Chye Poh. Chye Poh is an aromatic mixture of preserved radish, garlic and shallot. Sweet, salty and addictive, the umami surge is toned down by the rice cake. Finish it off with sambal chilli and dried shrimps, an undoubtedly splendid recipe! Consistency and uncompromising standards through the years, the Bedok Chwee Kueh has proven itself to be well-deserving of its reputation.