Quiet enough for conversation and with an alfresco option for cool nights, Muthu's Curry at Dempsey has just the right vibes for a date night or a nice family meal. Foodwise, the wide array also makes this a good option for group dinners. If you choose to have a banana leaf meal, opt for the Biryani Rice ($4 per person) and the Fish Head Curry (small, $22). You might go for the commonly ordered Tandoori Chicken, but you should really order the lesser known, incredibly tasty Irani Tangdi Kebab ($13) — chicken drumsticks marinated in cream that melt in your mouth. Also sensational is their tender Fish Tikka ($11.50). If you're more in the mood for bread, we urge you to try the Romali Roti ($5.50) over the ubiquitous naans. "Rumal" means "handkerchief", explaining the thin, large form of the bread, which goes excellently with tandoori dishes.
Avg Price: $25 per person
Photo by Burppler Jayne Tan