I am probably the worst Chinese person ever, with Chinese Restaurant cuisine ranking pretty low in my books. However, I make exceptions for 2 things: Hawker food & hotpot.

You can choose from 3 soup bases - we did tomato & chicken (split down the middle of the pot), & spicy mala (a smaller pot in the center). Being a non-spicy lover, mala wasn't my favourite but I did dip some beef slices in it - the mala really packs a punch & so I appreciated it being there. Surprisingly, I preferred the tomato soup over the chicken for its rich flavours. The chicken soup was lighter on the palette, also enjoyable - so I feel this was a good trio to select.

Having dined in a sizeable group of 8, I was able to try a variety of different options. Obviously not going to review all of them one by one, but overall this experience didn't disappoint.

Pretty spoiled for choice with such a wide selection of ingredients to choose from. From the meats to the vegetables, mushrooms & tofu - ingredients are fresh & good. It's actually difficult for me to pick a favourite 😂 Service is fast & attentive, & I would love to return.

Sauces are self-service from a little counter - I helped myself to heaps of garlic. Drinks are $2 freeflow, but on hindsight I would've skipped this as being surrounded by amazing flavours throughout my meal, I ended up drinking mostly water as is my usual habit.

Prices were surprisingly reasonable - ended up paying