It’s a tale of two noods here at @fattchoyeatinghouse, and the second nood was the Fatt Choy Dry Laksa ($20++), which is the new dry version of the Roxy Laksa that I’ve raved about back when The Kongsee was still in operation. The same incendiary yet indulgent laksa broth has been reduced in volume by way of stir frying the laksa with all the other ingredients, and the flavours are concentrated and made even more intense. The spice is a lurker, instead of hitting you in the face, it stays in the back of your throat before jumping you with its surprising spiciness.⠀

The tiger prawns were just as fresh as the ones from the Hokkien mee, and there some slices of tau pok to really make it feel like a laksa. The noodles were unfortunately overcooked, and if left for a few more moments they would’ve turned to mush. Still, I ain’t worried about that, because I believe that Fatt Choy will rapidly remedy this shortcoming.⠀

For the final time for now, thank you for the delicious hospitality @kevin._.ngan & @fattchoyeatinghouse!