You wouldn't expect to find a casual yet homey district of section 17 that is populated with the hawker eateries to house a little hidden secret which is located just opposite of Cafe Tujoh and that is Grub by Ahong! This place is really hidden as it was located in an old stretch of shop lots and the signage is really petite so you gotta be having fantastic vision or attention to detail to spot them as you would be really surprised on how their restaurant looks like.. Well after much searching, we've managed to locate it and we're truly surprised on how simple their setup is like as it was really a casual setting with tables and you're warmly greeted by their ever smiling and friendly staff.. There is a 2 different seatings which is the Malaysian room temperature seating with the bonus point of watching the chef in their very open kitchen cooking out their goodies for us and there is also a more comfortable seating which is the air conditioned and more Instagram like setting with sufficient lighting and plain background.. There were really amazing music being belt out from their owners macbook to make this dining experience a truly unique one.. Their menu is really simple but each description of each of their menu be it starters or mains or dessert that is the one which made it really difficult for us to decide.. After much studying and time, we decided to go for a 3 course meal and we are sharing which is what the chef has recommended it as according to him the portions are really huge! So we decided to try out one of their starter which is the Beetroot, Fresh Fig &a Feta Salad (RM13.50) which is something that caught our eyes! The presentation is really eye catching and colorful! The portion was suitable for sharing as it was really generous with its figs and beetroot! The beetroot was well cooked and it was soft yet it retains its shape and it has this natural sweetness like cotton candy.. Being paired with the slightly tart figs which makes them in harmonious tune alongside the creaminess and slight salt from the feta cheese.. It was even more breathtaking on the palate when it was eaten together with the bitterness of the rocket leaves that was dressed with a drizzle of honey and the crunchy texture of the nuts that made us giggling and smiling in awe and pleasure in every bite!