After ogling at @cure_singapore’s posts about their Takeaway Pies for a while, and seeing @bibikgourmand’s IG Stories on how much she and her family enjoyed them, I made up my mind to order a few for dinner last Friday.
Although Cure restaurant offers their pies frozen as well at a much cheaper price of $24 (these can keep up to 2 months in the freezer it seems), I chose the $40 ready-to-eat meal versions for convenience’s sake. Moreover, based on other people’s IG posts and Stories, I knew my “Chicken & Leek” and “Irish Beef & Guinness” pies would be accompanied by a potato mash (lavished in fragrant chive oil if I’m not mistaken, this was superb in its own right), a small piece of sourdough and a mini tub of bacon butter (all made in-house).
As I ate the “Irish Beef and Guinness”, it is only fair I share my view on that pie alone. Well, it‘s exceptional!
While the thin layer of flaky puff pastry on top was very light, buttery and flaky, the filling comprised of thick cuts of incredibly tender beef that was so flavourful from being simmered in an enormously tasty gravy. Also on the brink of fall-apart-dom were the simmered celery, carrots and potatoes.
A single pie should be good as a light meal for two pax but if you have a big appetite or are famished, tackling the whole solo is a cinch.

To order, just tap on the link in their bio on Instagram.

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