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Above the busy streets of Taman Desa, this Korean barbecue establishment is even busier serving a slew of lunchtime patrons. You can count on Seoul Korea to appease your appetite for grilled meats in the afternoon. Most are here for their special lunch menu, which sees a Hot-Plate Bulgogi BBQ Set priced at only RM33 for two โ€” ideal for a fun, pocket-friendly date! Available with beef or pork, this set includes two bowls of rice and a plentiful supply of banchan (side dishes). In terms of banchan, Seoul Korea emerges one of our favourites for its diverse plates, from marinated cold chicken to shredded seaweed and pickled lotus root. Also spot a rarely found Jju-Kkumi Ppok-geum Bab Set (pan-broiled baby octopus rice, RM14). The quick meal of baby octopus slathered in Korean-style hot sauce is a must-order if you enjoy spicy seafood!
Avg price per person: RM25