the first burger that i tried was from Bergs, and it came recommended by

– thehoneycombers

– lifestyleasia

– mariefranceasia

– the comments section of ladyironchef :o

this is how it went down:

The Experience

After seeing all the food-blogger pictures of suspiciously unmelted cheese, I really should have known better. The BFB is the stand-out burger on the Bergs menu, promising 400g of prime patty along with a truckload of condiments, and they certainly delivered on that count. When the burger touched down it had a heft to it, and peering in, the mixture of condiments seemed to have been seized off shelves in a dollar-shop closing-down sale.

There was the usual lettuomato, but also pineapple, AND beetroot, and an egg, and onions (not caramelised????), which was confusing. What was clear though was how tough and flat the patties were – two discs of seemingly unflavored meat that were charred dry at the edges. Their mistake was pressing the patty too flat, so you could say that they

“spread themselves thin”

heh. The aoli sauce was nice, the bun bland, and at the end of it all i was 20$ poorer and terribly disappointed at the first pit-stop on my SG burger quest. I honestly cannot imagine anyone eating this once, then thinking “i’d like to have it again!!”. The ingredients were o k individually, a haphazard mess together, and I can’t help but think that the poor cow died in vain.

(after getting back home and letting the burger settle, i have this to add:

– i could have gone with a smaller burger. that might have worked out better. but why have the most expensive burger on your menu be such an unpleasant eating experience?

– the staff serving us were friendly and attentive, so props to them for that.

– the ingredients weren’t stale or poorly cooked or anything of the sort. it’s just that.. you can’t save a bad cake with icing, and the patties were really really poorly done and way too flat.

on to Burger 2: Huber's Butchery!)