Coming from a family where my mom is from Sitiawan and also growing up there, Foo Chow food plays an important role in my upbringing. This makes me all the more critical of my all time favourite dish- red win chicken soup mee sua. It’s a food we traditionally eat at my wai po’s every Chinese New Year’s or when it’s my birthday.

When visiting S11, lookout for a stall that says 福州麵 and proceed to order its Ang Jiu Mee Sua. There are many ways to ruin this dish: too much red wine, too much water, not fragrant enough, too little ginger, not enough garlic and the list goes on. This stall is actually one of the better ones, though some might argue it requires more ginger and meat. But at RM 9, there isn’t much room for complaints.

God bless me now I can tell my mom I didn’t waste RM 9 on something I can eat at home.

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