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Trying to secure a seating area posses some challenges at the previous Song Kee stall and wait time can easily stretched up to 45 mins or more. It had since been taken over and operated by FINEST SONG KEE now. A new owner and related to the previous owner. It opened with much fan fare and across social media platform announcing its operations. As I reside nearby, am naturally drawn and reminisce the great taste of Song Kee. I came with high expectations, I must say that adding the word "FINEST" is not gonna do magic! I do not think it's fair for me even to compare the both. Everything was simply wrong, fish balls were unlike the previous, tau pok seem to have shrunk in size plus flatten. The soup was just horrible, really fish ball and water taste! Do note that these are my personal opinion as everyone has different tastebuds, hence please do not feel offended if you are a fan. I do offer apologies for my outright bluntness. Yumminess: 0.5/5 👎👎👎