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This particular dish holds a lot of meaning to me. My mum used to bring my brother and I to this Japanese eatery at the basement of Bugis Junction when we were in primary school. As I was young and ignorant back then, I was unable to appreciate good Japanese food. Hence, I always ate the "safe" option - sushi. After a while, something clicked in me and I decided to try a new dish, which was unagi with tamago egg served on a hotplate. It was the best thing I have tried at that age, and I converted to a fan of Japanese cuisine since then 😂 After a while, the eatery either closed down or moved away. My single regret was that we did not take note of the name of the eatery (as we did not expect it to close), and so, were unable to locate it after it disappeared 😔

When I tried this dish at Koh Grill's, I felt that I was immediately transported back to my primary school days, where I cultivated my love for Japanese cuisine. The combination of the unagi and fluffy egg emanates a certain fragrance and explosion of flavour that invokes a sense of nostalgia within me. It might not have been from the same store or cooked by the same chef, but it was enough to spark my memory of how my love for Japanese cuisine began.

The ANTicipated scale ⚖
👅Flavour: 9 ants
💰Value: 7.5 ants
📍Convenience: 7 ants