So I actually wanted to check out the nearby Don.档 because I saw it on Burpple, but that was closed! Luckily, this newer stall in the same place didn't let me down at all.

Ohsho Express (which surprisingly was not on the app when I came) serves up restaurant-worthy Japanese fare at food-court prices. It's a little more expensive than the other stuff around, but honestly, more than worth it.

Up in the pic there is the Tenshinhan ($9.90), which is basically a deliciously rich, almost decadent crab meat omelette on rice surrounded by curry. It's VERY good, if a little salty, and I highly recommend it!

Their gyoza is also amazing, and the Ohsho Set (Gyoza, Chicken Karaage, Fried Rice for $11.90) is another 'can't go wrong' dish to order. I've yet to try the ramen, but honestly from what I've seen, that seems pretty worth it too.

Anyway if you're in the area and looking for something fast and tasty and a little out of the ordinary, do give them a shot!