The rather ramshackle environment in a narrow alleyway and food out on display in the sweltering mid-day heat certainly don't inspire confidence in terms of hygiene, but those who brave the risk of potential future diarrhea will be rewarded presently with some very shiok food.

The ayam goreng and squid I picked out of the mind boggling variety of side dishes were hit and miss respectively, with the squid being slightly tough and rubbery, not to mention its beak was still in place(making eating around it a hassle), whilst the fried chicken was tender spiced meat coated in a fragrant, crispy batter.

Really though, the hero of the dish has to be the gloriously messy mound of curry drenched rice. Make sure you ask the uncle to "kuah campur banjir", or in other words flood your plate with a deluge of several types of curry. The resultant slop may not be the most visually appealing, but the riotous clash of rich, spicy flavours is what makes it so good.

Taste: 3.5/5