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wasn't planning to do a review for this visit bc I thought I was going to order the same thing but guess what, they changed their menu again :( idk why they would remove soba but sobs pls bring it back!!! and the salmon is now lemon-scented :/ got sweet potatoes instead, with mushrooms, sous-vide egg and pumpkins. the mushrooms were previously bland but yay there was more taste today. the lemon-scented salmon was lighter on the palate than the salmon previously and I prefer it that way haha makes you feel healthier. sweet potatoes were surprisingly yummy! thought they would be too hard but they were nice to bite into and you can slowly taste the sweetness. the egg wasn't runny this time... and perhaps they should start marinating the egg haha it's getting boring. and yay got free mushroom soup!!! remember the first time I got it, it was really salty but it was better today and really warmed my stomach :)