No idea why did we end up at Golden Mile - the 'little Thailand', having mookata for dinner. The place is located on level 2, very spacious with plenty of (indoor aircon) seats. Good food choices include seafood (clam, oyster, baby octopus, fish, flower crab, scallop, shell, mussel, CRAYFISH, salmon, prawn), marinated meat (garlic/black pepper/spicy chicken and PORK, sliced beef), mushrooms, vegetables, fish ball/ cake, hot dog and packet thai instant noodle. Free flow drinks and icecream! 2 pax paid for $70.40 on Friday evening. It's not cheap but definitely worth the money with unlimited and constantly replenished fresh seafood. The CRAYFISH is definitely one of the key highlights, so fresh so firm so sweet and juicy!! Sooo good that we had 6 full, piling trays of it! Hahaha trust me. It is one of the reason why i would be back again!

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