Checked out Dew in Bangsar twice and I’ve grown to like the place more each time. Dew is the sister cafe to neighbour Jaslyn Cakes and shares its space with a florist.

When I want desserts and not feeling too hungry, I’ll have something light and refreshing. The idea of having a citrus-based dessert comes into mind.

I had the Basil Lime Tart which is one of the more popular items here. Essentially it’s basil and lime curd in a crusty, buttery tart shell topped with basil mousse, meringue sticks and edible flowers.

Although there are mixed reviews about this particular dessert, I personally like it to the extent that I had it twice. The lime and basil curd brought out a zesty, tangy, fruity flavour and marks a refreshing change from the ubiquitous lemon curd used in tarte au citron. I’d say the basil mousse is like marmite (you either like it or you don’t). Biting into the mousse unleashes bursts of herbal basil flavour. It feels like you’re eating basil leaves.

I did try the other desserts as well and will share my thoughts in separate posts.