Revamped from the now-defunct Karafuku is this adorable cafe in Bugis that boasts an array of themed foods and desserts that folks of all ages will enjoy. Start with Oscar’s Teriyaki Chicken Katsu Burger ($24.90) — the kids will love the theatrics of it! Expect your chicken katsu dipped in teriyaki sauce and stuffed into a green matcha mantou that is made to look like the Sesame Street Character's face. Dessert-wise, choose from their selection of Mini Eclairs ($3 each) — Yuzu, Sakura, Café Au Lait, Hazelnut Chocolate, Ichigo Chantilly and more. Otherwise, their Sakura Yogurt Parfait ($14.90) is a foolproof option that features a soufflé cheese cake served with vanilla pudding, dango, sakura syrup and berries.
Photo by Burppler Suzanna Wong