Ordered the Barramundi Soup (small) and it was soooo good. 🤤 Would 10/10 recommend. Sides ordered were Mapo Tofu (second time visiting and their standards are inconsistent considering that I visited only 1 day apart. 1st visit was really tasty, they gave a lot of meat but second visit there were barely any + super tough). Chengdu spiced mini potatoes paired nicely with the soup and slightly spicy Mapo tofu. It was crispy and had a nice little spice kick. However the final side was a disappointment - chopped garlic pork belly(pictured). The serving costs $13 bef gst however the portion was really little (like why they hide the cucumber underneath to make it look like a pile of pork to make me so happy but then peekaboo it’s actually cucumber and I don’t eat veggie leh????boo), that aside the sauce was extremely spicy. Don’t get it unless you bring ur sugar daddy and he’s gonna be paying.