Macs doesn’t necessarily have to be super unhealthy. I’ve known that cup corn was on the menu for quite a while but never ordered it as my heart and tongue were always drawn to the golden fried hashbrown. A little win for self-discipline today in that I chose to order cup corn (3oz). Yay! I love corn but I hate having it on the cob because all the fibres end up stuck between my teeth and are super annoying. This saves you all the trouble while allowing you to feel slightly better about your cheat day. While the cup corn does come with a separate pack of butter, you don’t actually have to add the butter to have a delicious side dish. The corn kernels are already sweet and slightly savoury, making them a delightful and light side to go along with the McGriddles (or any other wonderfully yummy but unhealthy macs breakfast sets). Must try to practice more self restraint from now on and opt for the cup corn instead of hashbrowns!