New drink on the Starbucks menu in USA which caused me to make a spur of the moment decision to order this instead of a regular cappuccino.
This drink is pretty interesting, yet delicious. There’s caramel drizzled on top of the cocoa, coffee and milk so it’s not bitter. It was slightly too sweet, but still tasted yummy anyway. The Starbucks cups come with a sippy lid to reduce plastic straw usage, which is awesome, but it’s a bit hard to mix everything together with a full cup. The cloud macchiato foam has eggs, and it’s certainly as light and fluffy as a cloud. It doesn’t have much flavour on its own, but leaves a foam moustache and adds an airy feel to the drink. I’d love for Starbucks Singapore to bring this in, as it’s a delightful cold drink to pick up on a warm summer day (which is almost everyday in Singapore anyway).