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That's not beef. It's butter.
Ok, I'm kidding. It IS beef but only the most velvety smooth of texture that I've had in years. Am pretty sure the cow which had been fed on grass for 3 years and grain for 2 years (I hope I remembered the numbers correctly!) had something to do with it.
@ivanbrehm the Head Chef-owner of this brand new restaurant, Nouri, deserves the rest of the credit in developing this unreal piece of tenderloin to such exquisiteness.
Simply named "Beef and Alliums", this is a main course option in the Chef's Dinner Tasting Menu. Besides the tenderloin, it showcases a variety of produce from the onion family that have undergone unusual preparation methods before arriving on the plate. The menu lists them as: cultured onion, Guinness Stout-pickled onion, onion ketchup and charred spring onion purée.