This is my first time having dinner in Purple Cane Tea. I have order their Eggplants (RM16) as I am a super eggplant lover. Their eggplant taste is decorate with some little spring onion and small cut chillies. I personally felt the eggplant is a bit too oily and not enough tasty. I have ordered their abalone mushroom ( RM19). They cook it in Gong Bao way, they have add some dried chillies, onion and some ginger slices. The taste for the abalone mushroom is a bit sweet but overall it taste really good. I have also order Chicken Boxing (RM19) and it taste really good. The fried chicken come with small cut fried dough stick with sweet sauce. Beside all the dishes, we have order their green tea rice ( RM2.20 per pax) and their signature Shui Xian Tea (RM2.50 per pax) that introduce by their waiter. There are also plenty of choices of tea you can choose. Overall, I would recommend Abalone mushroom and Chicken Boxing if you want to have dinner here.
Overall experience: 6/10

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