Had this place on my list of to-go's for a long while but never got to visiting it. Seems quite inaccessible unless you drive/ grab as it is nestled in the private estates of Faber drive. Small section of a shopfront that seems to be shared with Gelatolabo.

White (hot) going at $5.50 (normal size in a small double wall cup with a handle)

Additional $1 for iced or upsize hot white (upsize in larger double wall cup as per picture)

Time till service was pretty long considering that the cashier and the barista is the same person and there is only one cup of coffee brewed if the barista is at the machine and not at the cashier. Plus point: Paywave is accepted.

Coffee collection is self service but there wasn't exactly a queue system (no buzzer or receipt provided). The cashier-barista just told me to come back around 5-10mins. The cashier-barista's memory or their internal queue system must be present to keep track I suppose? Went back when it was about 10min but my coffees weren't ready so I was asked to come back again. Thankfully, the walls separating Gelatolabo and glass roasters are made of clear glass. The barista later signalled through the glass from behind the counter for me to collect my coffees, saving me an additional trip of disappointment.

Tried both their upsized white (hot) and their iced white. Tasted sharp and very acidic despite having the milk component. Not my cup of Joe for sure.

I guess you never know if you never try! 😅