Second time ordering macs within a week and that’s already more than I’ve ordered macs in the past 6 months but McGriddles is worth it. Note that advance delivery orders have to be placed at least 120 minutes ahead of desired delivery time and that order cutoffs for macs breakfast are at 10.30am. I placed the order for 5 McGriddles at 10.15am and they arrived at 11.20am so it was pretty good timing for lunch.

Not photogenic or aesthetic at all after being smushed in the delivery bag but who cares. Definitely recommend the McGriddles with sausage and egg so the egg can undercut the saltiness of the sausage and balance out the sweetness of the McGriddle buns. After taking a good look at my whole McGriddle out of the wrapper, I feel like it has actually shrunk a fair bit since McGriddles was a regular item menu years ago but maybe that’s just nostalgia and rose-tinted lenses clouding my memory. It’s still got the same (unhealthy, but great) taste that I’ve remembered all these years.

On a side note, not sure if macs has outsourced their delivery team to a company or something. On this delivery and the one last week, we had mainland Chinese riders who delivered the orders and we didn’t have particularly good experiences both times. Last week, the rider was ok but he might have jostled the delivery bag because about half the hot milo beverage ended up being spilt inside the plastic bag. Our encounter today was much more unpleasant. Received a rude phone call from the rider at 11.20am demanding (in mandarin) “where are you?”. He didn’t even bother to state he’s from McDonald’s so I was a little confused and taken aback that a random chinese male would call and demand my whereabouts. Upon meeting the driver near the collection point, he chided me for not giving clear instructions on the collection point by pointing to the delivery chit. I had clearly stated “Roundabout at ground floor” in my delivery address but the driver had so kindly taken it upon himself to enter the nearest building, approach the security guard counter to drop off the delivery and blame me when they didn’t accept the delivery. Seriously, is that even my fault? Maybe I should have written roundabout in mandarin too. After walking back up to our office, we discovered that one of the drinks we had ordered (Ribena) was missing. I called up the McDonald’s delivery hotline and thank goodness Ivan who answered was super polite and helpful. He arranged for the packet drink to be delivered to us with no hassle within the hour. So thanks very much Ivan, but I can’t say the same to our snowflake rider from this morning.