Hadn’t really heard much about Necessary Provisions ever since they had re-opened their doors within SmartFit Pilates at Tanglin Shopping Centre — whilst I had been there once and had their Croque Kinoko, I had been quite intrigued by their Quinoa Ulam; and so a revisit was going to happen just for that.

The Quinoa Ulam is their very unique rendition of the Nasi Ulam — a dish that is sometimes found in Peranakan restaurants being a somewhat of a rice salad dish featuring shredded mixed herbs that is known for being especially aromatic and refreshing. Being an establishment that is all about healthy eating, Necessary Provisions had switched up the usual rice grains with quinoa instead — also feature elements such as shallot, chili, lettuce, fresh herbs and lime juice. For one who does not quite enjoy salad usually, the Quinoa Ulam was actually a dish that I found to be really easy to finish and pretty appetising — just like the typical Nasi Ulam, there is just so much going on in the rice — the freshness of the herbs carrying not just a burst of umami, but also a slight crunch, while the chili provides an extra punch that tickles the taste buds; all that while the quinoa comes soft and fluffy. Served chilled, the Quinoa Ulam is nothing short of zippy yet refreshing — never a moment where it felt monotonous because there is always something different in terms of flavour and texture with every spoonful.

The Quinoa Ulam is probably the dish that embodies the character of Necessary Provisions the best — a comforting take on something familiar to our local taste buds with just a slight twist; not something too different that reinvents the wheel, but just a minor switch up but executed in a style that is so homely, simple and satisfying. I still do miss their rendition of the Luncheon Meat Fried Rice during their days at Eng Kong Terrace; but I guess that will never make it to the menu here at Tanglin Shopping Centre. Nonetheless, it’s great to have them back in the F&B scene — looking forward to the next visit so that I can enjoy a slice of their signature Pandan Chiffon Cake over a leisurely cuppa!